Save Money on Food Shopping

In this challenging financial climate, there are not many amongst us who are not trying to cut back on unnecessary purchases and spend less on those everyday essentials that we cannot live without. The most obvious of these is food – the most basic, yet essential, human requirement. However, with food costs seemingly on the increase it can often be difficult to really claw back the amount spent on the weekly grocery shop.

There are, however, many steps you can take to cut the cost of your food bill including :

• Looking out for vouchers and coupons giving you money off certain items
• Making the most off in-store offers such as 3 for 2, or buy one get one free
• Swapping from your usual brand to a supermarket’s ‘economy’ brand
• Taking advantage of any ‘freebies’ on offer, usually part of a promotion of a particular food item
• Saving up your ‘points’ or ‘rewards’ to set off against your bill
• Comparing the price of the same item at different supermarkets
• Shopping online

If you shop online, you should look out for ‘free delivery’ offers, which are often used by supermarkets to entice you back if you have not shopped with them for a certain period of time. Online shopping can also be an effective way of making sure you stick to your shopping list without spending money unnecessarily on items that, undoubtedly, line the shelves of the supermarkets tempting you to buy them.

Websites such as can be a fantastic way of making savings on your food bill as they allow you to compare the prices of individual items, point out ways to save money as you progress through your list and show you what each particular item would cost at other supermarkets. also gives you access to money-off vouchers and, when you have completed your online shop (from the supermarket of your choice), it informs you how much your shopping would have cost at other supermarkets, giving you the opportunity to change supermarkets, with one simple click, if this will save you money.

With a few simple changes to the way you shop, you really can make significant savings on the amount you spend on your grocery bill.